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We work with cash regis­ter manu­fac­tu­rers, soft­ware ven­dors for ERP sys­tems and indus­try solu­ti­ons.

obono: The cash regis­ter for Aus­tria & Ger­ma­ny

A mobi­le cash regis­ter that works inde­pendent­ly of devices and plat­forms and offers inno­va­ti­ve func­tions such as elec­tro­nic rece­ipts.

Learn more about the cash regis­ter for Ger­ma­ny and Aus­tria.

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UBER: record­ing of cash pay­ments

In Aus­tria, cash is still the most popu­lar form of pay­ment. Also Uber recei­ved a lot of requests about cash pay­ment in Aus­tria. The com­pa­ny wan­ted to meet the desi­re of many custo­mers for a cash pay­ment opti­on. But the pro­ces­sing of pay­ment in the vehi­cle should be com­ple­te­ly mobi­le and as easy as pos­si­ble. Luck­i­ly the fis­ka­ly soft­ware offers exac­t­ly the right solu­ti­on for Uber.

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