Fis­ca­li­za­ti­on in Ger­ma­ny:
Our soft­ware for the Kas­sen­sichV

The count­down is on: Ger­ma­ny is one of the last coun­tries in Euro­pe to intro­du­ce a legal regu­la­ti­on on the fis­ca­li­za­ti­on of cash regis­ters. The so-cal­led Kas­sen­si­che­rungs­ver­ord­nung (Kas­sen­SichV)app­lies from 1.1.2020 and brings major chan­ges. Entre­pre­neurs, cash regis­ter pro­vi­ders, and ERP sys­tem ven­dors need to think about a solu­ti­on for their sys­tems fast. How good that fis­ka­ly alrea­dy has a simp­le and fle­xi­ble solu­ti­on.

The fis­ka­ly bene­fits

With our soft­ware you are well pre­pa­red for the new legal requi­re­ments. It can be easi­ly inte­gra­ted into exis­ting sys­tems and has alrea­dy inclu­ded the requi­red tech­ni­cal safe­ty device (TSE). Fis­ka­ly is:

  • Simp­le: uncom­pli­ca­ted data exchan­ge saves time and ner­ves.
  • Safe: The requi­red tech­ni­cal safe­ty device (TSE) is alrea­dy inte­gra­ted.
  • Legal com­pli­ant: Due to the CC cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on (ISO 15408) of the TSE and its cryp­to­gra­phic com­pon­ents, your record­ing sys­tem will be equip­ped with tam­per-resistant pro­tec­tion from 01.01.2020
  • Afford­a­ble: Meet the cash regis­ter wit­hout any expen­si­ve hard­ware invest­ment.
Eine Visualisierung der Cloudbasierten Fiskalisierungs Software

The simp­le solu­ti­on for the Kas­sen­sichV

You are inte­rested in our soft­ware solu­ti­on for the Kas­sen­sichV? Con­tact us and get all the infor­ma­ti­on.